You know how it is. You are in a pub and you order a meal. What comes to you is not what you expected. You check with the description of the dish on the menu and it all fits but nevertheless what is there is not what you anticipated.

The same is true, I would suggest, of St John's United Reformed Church, Marsh Green. The only difference is that, in the pub, you can be disappointed by the surprise whereas at our church we hope you find the surprise pleasantly agreeable.

On the outside what you see is a quaint old village chapel. Part of a picturesque scene it certainly is but appearances might also suggest a place that is formal and not entirely relevant for today. Once through the door, however, you may discover a relaxed and cheerful set of people of all ages both bustling with life and pausing for quiet, There is much laughter and singing with children interacting with all the other age groups in the congregation. A real surprise and, to many of us, a treasure and delight.

This element of surprise tallies well with our desire to seek to follow Jesus. In his teaching, he is full of surprises and we warmly welcome you if you wish to join us and to help us as we strive to know him better and to put into practice the challenges of love which are so vital for us as individuals and for our families, for our communities and for the world of the 21st century.