What does being an ECO CHURCH mean in practice for Marsh Green URC?


  • Through multi participation eco services, Bible Studies, talks/discussion groups and film evenings
  • Through Junior Church, singing and holiday clubs for children and young people
  • Through church and village newsletter, weekly bulletin and church website (link to ‘60 Steps to Sustainability’)
  • Through awareness raising of environmental issues when collecting money for charities
  • Through practical working parties and Open Afternoons in the Nature Reserve


  • Photovoltaic solar panels (18) on main church roof provide electricity for church and grid
  • Rainwater harvesting system installed for flushing toilets and other water use metered
  • Secondary glazing in the church, double glazing in church rooms and insulation where practical
  • LED (very low energy) light bulbs are used
  • Energy use is monitored, carbon footprint calculated, green energy provider is used for both electricity and gas. 
  • Recycling centre (some in aid of charities) for postage stamps, mobile phones, ink cartridges,pens, toothpaste tubes and old jewellery. Labelled containers for ‘kerbside recycling’ available in rooms.
  • Household cleaning products are environmentally ‘friendly’ and loo rolls and printing paper (used double sided) is made from recycled paper


  • The garden is full of bee friendly flowers throughout the growing season and has a rain butt to provide water for plants and includes a Memorial Garden with seat and name tags on rowan tree
  • The old school playing field has been turned into a nature reserve incorporating a wild flower meadow, various native trees, grass heaps to encourage slow worms and grass snakes, a log pile for small mammals and invertebrates, and various hedgehog, bird, bat, bee and butterfly boxes. It is also home to the Pre-school chickens.  The church is leading a hedgehog project for the village
  • Outdoor area includes compost bin, wormery and raised beds for bee friendly plants and vegetables
  • Bicycles can be secured to a chain round a tree


  • Works in tandem with Pre-school with care for the immediate environment
  • Works in partnership with Sustainable Edenbridge (www.facebook.com/sustainableedenbridge) and has members involved with Fairtrade Town and Traidcraft Groups and working for BRIDGES, the Community Drop in Centre
  • Is a Fairtrade Church and supports Commitment for Life, Christian Aid and other local and wider charities. Tithes PV panel income to an environmental charity. Runs occasional open environmental film evenings. Encourages other local ( and further afield) churches to be eco-aware.
  • Runs educational open afternoons in Nature Reserve alongside Summer Teas on the Green.
  • Members try, either in person or by letter or email, to persuade politicians to have policies supporting care for the environment and concern for humanitarian issues.

E. LIFESTYLE (Education section overlaps with this)

  • An eco-group oversees environmental matters
  • Church funds are invested ethically
  • Congregation is encouraged through worship, newsletter, weekly bulletin, website, notices, Sixty Steps to Sustainability leaflets, carbon footprint calculator and eco-activities to live a low carbon and more wildlife friendly lifestyle